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Desert Oaks

What Are the Olgas Made Of?

The Olgas are a large and impressive looking set of rock formations in the shape of domes located to the west of Ayers Rock. This formation is believed to have formed during a similar time that the Ayers Rock was formed, and the Olgas are often included in tours. If you are wondering what the…

Desert Oaks

The Best Backpacking Loops for Kings Canyon

When it comes to a trip to the Northern Territory, there is a lot to see, do, and enjoy. Those visiting this area and locations nearby Erldunda and Uluru should not take a single moment for granted, and be sure to take advantage of every minute of their vacation by taking in all of the…

Desert Oaks

“Dreamtime” story of the Emus

Dreamtime stories are stories that reveal the Aboriginal understanding of why the world operates in the way that it does. The Dreamtime, according to the Aboriginals, is the beginning of all the world’s knowledge, and from this, laws came into existence that must be observed in order to survive. These stories were told in places…

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