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Desert Oaks

How to Get the Best Photograph of Uluru

You’ve seen photographs and films, but nothing compares to the sensation of gazing upon Uluru with your own two eyes. This monolithic sacred rock gives off a sense of majestic power as it dominates the horizon, changing with the shifting light as the sun moves across the sky. When you visit you’ll want to capture…

Desert Oaks

Discover Wycliffe Well – The UFO Capital of Australia

Mysterious flashing lights – and a great selection of beer too. If it weren’t for the strange phenomena that make it special, Wycliffe Well would simply be like any other small roadside stop in Australia’s Outback. However, it’s so much more than that. This odd little outpost has attracted curious visitors from all over the…

Desert Oaks

The Ultimate Guide to a Red Centre Road Trip

The middle of Australia might be pretty empty – but it’s full of adventure. The night sky is stuffed with stars, the tiny towns are overflowing with history and the journey across this big red desert is rich with opportunities for side trips and diversions. Taking a drive through these wide open spaces will give…

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