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Carlotta, Queen of the Desert Oaks Resort

Meet Carlotta, Queen of the Desert Oaks Resort, and the newest member of our wildlife family here at Erldunda Roadhouse.

Carlotta was abandoned approximately 100km from Erldunda Roadhouse, close to Idracowra Station in November 2017.  She came to us at about 6 weeks old, still needing to be bottle fed. We were hugely relieved when a visit from the Outback Vet confirmed Carlotta was a healthy baby and we could provide her with a happy home.

Carlotta now enjoys life in our wildlife enclosure on-site, with our 6 rescue Kangaroos and Cluck Norris, the notorious Rooster of Channel 7’s “Sunrise” fame. While there is very little family resemblance, all of the animals get along well and love being part of the Erldunda Roadhouse family, though, no-one else wants to join Carlotta in her mud baths!


Fun Fact: The name Carlotta, Queen of the Desert Oaks Resort is for the historical name of Erldunda Roadhouse (Erldunda Desert Oaks Resort)!