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Uluru Centre of Centre

Welcome to Erldunda, also known as the Centre of the Centre.

What does it mean to be at the Centre of the Centre? If you are standing in Erldunda, it puts you right at the centre of Australia.



You will hear some disagreement about the location of the centre of the country because of the different ways of measurement.

Currently, there are five points that compete for the title of the centre of Australia. The Government has decided that the title goes to the middle point of those five measurements,hailing Erldunda the ‘Centre of the Centre’.



Erldunda is more than just a roadhouse. It is also known for having a good, reasonably priced accommodation option and a base point for travellers and sightseers in neighbouring tourist destinations.

As the centre of the centre, its appeal lies in its strategically unique location, right at the junction of Stuart Highway and Lasseter Highway. It is only 268 km from Uluru.

Moreover, the roadhouse is located 200 km from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, 1696 km from Darwin, and 1332 km from Adelaide.



Going to Uluru is often expensive. Instead of paying extravagant costs and staying at the accommodation near the rock, you can stay at Erldunda and make the 268 km trip, which will only take 2 to 3 hours.

With a range of accommodation options, the Desert Oaks Resort is ideal for families, overnight stays, backpackers and travellers of all ages. Besides, we have some exciting experiences onsite, like our Emu enclosure where you can feed these majestic birds.

Our resort has range of motel units, powered and unpowered caravan sites, and a camping site, all equipped with a full range of facilities to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. We also have onsite bar and restaurant, a service station, and a sunset viewing platform for you and your loved ones to enjoy while staying with us.

Plan your visit to Uluru and make Erldunda Desert Oaks Resort a part of your exciting trip. Check our accommodation availability and book today.