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Desert Oaks

Good spots for a beer on the Stuart highway

The Stuart Highway is a massive stretch of road that connects the northern city of Darwin to the southern city of Adelaide in Australia. At 2,834 kilometres, road trippers can literally spend weeks traversing this immense landscape, which means they spend a lot of time in the car! Recognising this, travellers really need a reliable…

Desert Oaks

Exciting Announcement! Erldunda to Uluru Tours Now Happening

Erldunda Roadhouse is now offering a tour to iconic destinations such as Kata Tjuta and Uluru making it the perfect gateway to the Red Centre. Erldunda Roadhouse is an affordable place to base yourself while you let our experienced tour guides show you the real outback they love and enjoy so much. The day is…

Desert Oaks

Top 5 Swimming Spots In The Red Centre

1. The Garden of Eden A permanent pool at the bottom of Kings Canyon surrounded by ancient species of plant life, the beauty of the Garden is unmatched. This plant life can be seen in very, very few places in the world, and may be worth the trip to some people by itself! The water…

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