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Uluru Sunset Viewing


Located in close proximity to our Caravan Park, our sunset viewing platform offers an opportunity to capture the breathtaking NT sunset and sunrise.


Witnessing a sunset and sunrise over the Northern Territory is an inspiring experience and should be on every visitor’s list. At Erldunda Desert Oaks Resort, we offer a chance to witness this spectacle from our sunset viewing platform, where you can pack a small picnic sit back, and gaze at the spectacular scenery.


Please contact the reservations team on: 08 8956 0984 or via email: [email protected] if you would like to pre-order a cheese board for the sunset viewing platform.


It’s Sunset Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The sunset over the Northern Territory is special, especially being close to Uluru or Ayers Rock, which is famous all over the world for its sunrises and sunsets. The colour change is caused by the effects of the earth’s atmosphere on the sun’s incoming rays. The water vapour, ash, and dust particles in the atmosphere serve as filter that takes away the bluer light from the sun’s rays.

Leaving the blue light behind, more of the redder light passes through, creating a warm, reddish illumination at different times of the day. Reflections from the rock at Uluru and the clouds in the sky enhance the vivid colours.


When in Uluru and the Olgas

When visiting Uluru, witness the rock changes colour before your eyes. Currently, there are five viewing areas built specifically for viewing and photographing this breathtaking landscape. In addition to amazing sunset views, there are also plenty of birds, bushland and curving surfaces with overhangs that sweep along like brown-reddish waves.

About 35 km west of Uluru lies the Olgas, or more traditionally known as Kata Tjuta. It has the best spot to take photos of the sunrise, but beware of the Valley of the Winds and the Walpa Gorge Walk. They can turn into wind tunnels. We recommend taking a jacket if you arrive before the sun hits the shadows.

Your trip to Erldunda will not be complete without witnessing the beauty of its sunset and sunrise. Take a trip to Uluru and the Olgas to experience them or enjoy them from our very own sunset viewing platform.

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