Top 10 Backpackers Travel Blogs

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For those backpacking enthusiasts out there, it can be really helpful to your travels to have the right blog to follow. The top backpacker blogs are able to lend inspiration, give travel ideas and advice, as well as help aid fellow travels in not making the same mistakes that have been made in the past. Here are some of the best backpacker blogs to follow to get great ideas and advice for planning your trip to Erldunda Roadhouse:

Backpacker Banter Homepage

1. Backpacker Banter: Written by a traveling surfer named Chris, Backpacker Banter is the website where Chris keeps his blog. He has many posts featuring advice and tips for those who are looking to travel as he does, as well as sharing his many interesting stories that he encounters as goes through his journeys and travels.

A Backpackers Tale Homepage

2. A Backpackers Tale: A Backpacker’s Tale is a blog maintained by a traveler by the name of Stephen, who uses his blog as an outlet to share his stories as he travels many different countries. He offers a subscription service to his readers so they can be emailed tips and advice if they are looking to travel as he does. Because he is someone who has plenty of experience, he knows how to make things go right while on the road.

Breakaway Backpacker Homepage

3. Breakaway Backpacker: Ran by a man by the name of Jaime, this blog features stories of his travels around the globe. Breakaway Backpacker is known not only for Jaime’s incredible stories, but also his advice for fellow travelers regarding budgeting and planning to help make their trip every bit as successful as his have been in the past.

Bemused Backpacker Homepage

4. Bemused Backpacker: Not only is Michael, the man behind the blog by the name of Bemused Backpacker, extremely well traveled—but he also has written some eBooks to aid travelers in addition to the stories, tips and advice that are available on his blog.

Borders of Adventure Homepage

5. Borders of Adventure: She previously went as Backpacker Becki, and this blog shares her stories of her travels. She shares ideas for excellent alternative travel plans for those interested in unique ideas.

The Wandering Orange Homepage

6. The Wandering Orange: The Wandering Orange is an extremely unique travel blog, because Lauren creates comic strips to help detail her stories.

Go Backpacking Homepage

7. Go Backpacking: Go Backpacking offers advice for travelers who are on an independent budget, to help make their journeys that much easier.

That Backpacker Homepage

8. That Backpacker: That Backpacker is a backpacking blog that aims to get others interested in traveling, while giving travel guide and destination ideas to fellow travelers.

The Broke Backpacker Homepage

9. The Broke Backpacker: Specifically for those interested in traveling on a budget, Hatton’s blog The Broke Backpacker offers great advice to help people to do so on the cheap.

Backpack With Brock Homepage

10. Backpack With Brock: Brock is a backpacker who documents his travels on his blog, Backpack With Brock. He gives expert tips and advice based on his numerous travels to those interested in seeing the world just as he is.

So, there you have it! These are the best backpacker blogs to follow, and these tip backpacker blogs would give any prospective backpacker all of the advice and knowledge they need in order to take to the road and see the world. Hopefully, if you are interested in traveling, you will stop at Erldunda Roadhouse along the way!

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