Guide to the Binns Track

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The Binns Track is a track that runs from Mt. Dare Hotel, which can be found in South Australia, and all the way through to Timber Creek, a location in the Northern Territory. The track is extremely long and goes through some of the most diverse terrain that Australia has to offer. Many adventurous drivers have taken to 4 wheelers and braved the Binns Track over the years, and they encounter a wide variety of types of terrain, going throughtownships, National Parks, hills, and desert, encountering obstacles such as water crossings, rocks, bitumen, and deep bull dust.

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Due to the fact that the Binns Track has a vast array of terrain for travellers to navigate, it is important for those who take to the track to be prepared. If you decide to go on the Binns Track, you are going to encounter bush camps and something new around every corner. You will experience the contrast offered between the desert country, the mountain ranges, and the open plains—all of the highlights that the Outback has to offer in just one track. Those who decide to venture onto the Binns Track are advised to have 4WD experience and skills beforehand.

With all its variety of terrain and adventure opportunities, the track spans a distance of 2,191 kilometres and has been named for Bill Binns. Bill had been a ranger with NT Parks and Wildlife for 32 years, and he had a dream to one day create a track that would give tourists the opportunity to explore the Outback and themagnificent rock formations, native wildlife, and bountiful colours that it features. His dream was accomplished and named after him in the Binns Track, and it certainly achieved its goal, as tourists can now take in all of the most remarkable aspects of the Outback during their trek from Mt. Dare to Timber Creek.

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On such a large and adventure filled track, there are bound to be a lot of sights that are incredible for tourists to have the opportunity to take in, as well as a lot of things that they ought to experience during their venture along the winding roads that the track has to offer. Some of the most important highlights of the track that anyone venturing along it must make sure to experience are as follows:

  • Alice Springs Desert: While you are on the Binns Track, the Alice Springs Desert is a great opportunity to do some sightseeing. It gives tourists their chance to experience the flora and fauna that Central Australia has to offer, completely up close and personal.
  • Arltunga: Home to some abandoned gold mines, a visit Arltunga gives tourists an opportunity to explore these mines and even pan for their own gold if they wish.
  • Gemtree: The creek beds of Gemtree are home to some semi-precious stones if you look hard enough. Stop by and rummage around to see if you are lucky enough to find one to bring home with you as a souvenir!


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