4 Tips For International Backpackers Travelling Australia

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Backpackers from all over the world travel to Australia to experience all of the amazing cities, attractions, and culture. With a vast terrain that is excellent for outdoor enthusiasts, captivating metropolises, and significant cultural backgrounds, the reasons so many backpackers travel to Australia are endless.

The list of do’s and don’ts for backpacking in Australia has the potential for being quite long winded, but in an effort to be concise, practical, and informative, we have compiled four simple tips for all international backpackers coming to Australia.

1. Do your research on Visa’s
With any trip, your budget, work and accommodation plans are all contingent on the amount of time you will want to stay in a particular place. Depending upon your home country, it is important for you to review the visa stipulations for entering Australia.

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2. Have a plan (even if it’s basic!)
While this may sound very basic, too many backpackers fail to really learn the terrain. This can often translate into a hit to your wallet because you will inevitably spend too much money on transportation and accommodation. Whether it is outback travel in Australia or a trip along the coast of Queensland, it is important to tentatively map out the trajectory of your stops you will make. By doing so you’ll be able to budget your money and time far more efficiently.

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3. Explore all transportation options
Transportation in Australia can get challenging if you don’t do your research. Depending on your travel circumstances, it may be cheaper to do a car share with friends, invest in a bus/trail pass, or even fly to select destinations. But familiarising yourself with the transportation options available prior to your backpacking trip, you’ll be able to budget effectively.


4. Research accommodation options: hostels, such as Airbnb, & Wimdu.
Many backpackers are pleasantly surprised to find that other forms of accommodation are available to them that are not much more expensive than hostels. Sites like:

All three are worth researching to find what will best suit your needs and budget!

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