5 Lesser Known Sites To Visit In The Northern Territory

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When it comes to visiting the Northern Territory, Australia and seeing it all it has to offer, it can be a challenge as there is so many possible spots to see!

So when it comes to deciding what to do in the Northern Territory, it couldn’t be easier to find the most popular options for activities and attractions to take part in while you are there. However, what if you are looking for a site to see that isn’t going to be crowded with tourists and other people trying to get in on the excitement?

For those looking for the lesser known attraction sites that are worth a visit in the Northern Territory, here are 5 options which you might want to add to your itinerary:

Gunlom Falls

1. Gunlom Falls: One attraction that is often unfortunately bypassed by travelers is called Gunlom Falls. Which is a beautiful and large waterfall measuring in at 30 meters tall. The swimming area below is gorgeous and, fortunately, crocodile-free! A crocodile free natural swimming area is quite rare in the Northern Territory, and not something travelers come across every day. This is definitely one of the lesser appreciated sites in the Northern Territory which is certainly worth a visit.

Binns Track

2. Binns Track: This is one of the Northern Territory’s routes for four-wheel driving, and it covers 2,191km as the road takes travelers through a number of the lesser known National Parks and nature reserves of the NT.

Arnhem Land Region

3. Arnhem Land Region: Owned by the indigenous locals, this land is a dream for nature lovers and those interested in the history of Australia. There are rocks on the land that feature the famous”X-Ray” paintings of the Aboriginals, which were painted more than 2,000 years ago. These can be found in the Arnhem Land’s western portion. Keep in mind that you’ll need to get a special permit ahead of time from the Northern Land Council to visit this area.

Brunette Downs Races

4. Brunette Downs Races: An event that has been going on for over a century! The Brunette Downs Races are held every year from June 18-21, and is a collection of horse races. The event is family friendly, and are a form of entertainment that even the kids will enjoy.


5. Katherine: Katherine is one of the less talked about towns in the Northern Territory that travellers hear about. With many attractions to offer with everything from museums, hiking, to visiting the Nitmiluk National Park’s gorges, this is definitely a worthwhile place to add to your itinerary.

All of these places are valuable additions to any itinerary for a trip to the Northern Territory of Australia. Some of the best places that Australia has to offer are the ones which are not widely discussed.

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