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Erldunda Uluru Trips


Many travellers of Erldunda share one common final destination: Uluru.

Uluru, or more commonly known as Ayers Rock, is one of the most famous and impressive landmarks in the country. A majestic chunk of sandstone rising from the deep centre of Australia, Ayers Rock juts up about 350 m from its flat and barren surrounds and extends further (2.5 km) underground. The rock originally sat at the bottom of a sea, but today, stands majestically in the Red Centre of Australia.

There are other similar landforms to Ayers Rock, such as the Olgas, but it is the only singular monolith in existence. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not the biggest monolith in the world. Mount Augustus in the Western Australia holds the title.

As a World Heritage site, thousands of local and foreign travellers come to Uluru every year to experience this spectacular marvel.


Nearest Accommodation

Ayers Rock is approximately 335 km to the southwest of Alice Springs. Aside from Yulara, a resort town where most tourists spend the night, there are no actual camping grounds or other facilities within the park itself. There are only base points hundreds of kilometres away.


Things to Do

There are many ways to experience the majesty of Ayers Rock.

You can climb the rock, as well as explore the base, which is around 10 km by footpath and can take a couple of hours to complete. Because of its spiritual significance and in respect of the culture, many tourists simply walk the surrounds.

Most visitors prefer to observe the rock during sunrise and sunset, when its beautiful reddish terracotta hue turns into a purplish tinge. At different times of the day, the colours change from pink to purple to dark red.


Travelling to Uluru

Uluru is about 286 km from Erldunda. Many travellers choose to explore Australia’s outback, giving them a chance to explore Northern Territory’s other major attractions.

If you are planning to explore Uluru and experience both the physical and cultural significance of this Australian wonder, Erldunda Roadhouse is here to help you with your Uluru tour, accommodation and meals. Contact us today for availability and reservation.