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Desert Oaks

Stuart Highway: The Smooth Road to the Rough Outback

The Stuart Highway — also known as ‘Explorer’s Way’ — is a wide highway surrounded by arid lands in Central Australia all the way to the tropical Top End. Located between Port Augusta and Darwin, the famous highway was named after John McDouall Stuart, the first explorer to discover a route through Australia’s inland in…

Desert Oaks

5 Practical Tips for Travellers with Solar-Powered Caravans

Travelling can take a toll on everyone, especially when it takes hours to reach your destination — and that’s why Erldunda travellers prefer caravanning for quick access to relaxation and comfort throughout the long journey. When visiting the wilderness, the problem is you can’t always guarantee that there’s a nearby location for your caravan’s power…

Desert Oaks

Discover the Sanctuary for Orphaned Kangaroos in Alice Springs

When talking about Australian wildlife  kangaroos are easily first animal that comes to mind. These marsupials are the most  iconic representative of this great nation standing tall beside the Emu on our coat of arms. Wouldn’t it be an absolute treat to see these hoppers up close? If you want to see mobs of kangaroos…

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