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When visiting Uluru and the Olgas, make Erldunda your base and save.

We are situated at the intersection of the Stuart and Lasseter Highways offering old fashioned country hospitality with home-style cooking and clean comfortable facilities.

Not to mention that we are uniquely located in ‘The Centre of The Centre’ – also referred to as the Centre of Australia. Also onsite we have an Emu Enclosure that enables you you get up close and feed these fascinating animals.

Our accommodation ranges from motel units to drive-through caravan parking area and camping sites. We have a full range of guest facilities including a swimming pool, tennis court, laundry, restaurant and bar.

Desert Oaks

Welcome to Erldunda Roadhouse

You deserve a little luxury in your life. Explore the splendour of Uluru and the Olgas with Erldunda Roadhouse, your retreat to a haven of old-fashioned country hospitality.

Erldunda Roadhouse is located at the intersection of the Stuart and Lasseter Highways offering country-style accommodation, home-style cooking, and facilities to create an ambience of comfort and leisure.

The Centre Of The Centre

We are uniquely and conveniently and situated in the Centre of the Centre, an area rich in history of pastoral endeavours and exploration. Standing amidst the country’s wonders, Erldunda Roadhouse has become the favourite base for many travellers seeking retreat or camping in Uluru resort and the resort for your Ayers Rock tours.

The Erldunda Experience

Erldunda Roadhouse is your haven for relaxation, exploration and everything in between.

We have everything from motel units and drive-through caravan parking in Yulara to camping sites. For the ultimate guest experience, we provide a full range of facilities, including a restaurant and bar, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a service station for your needs.

We also have a Kangaroo Farm and an Emu Enclosure that lets you get up close and feed these fascinating animals.

One of the best experiences found in Erldunda is the breathtaking view of the sunset. We have a sunset viewing platform that lets you capture the beautiful Northern Territory sunset and sunrise.

Discover the heart of Australia

Make the most of your trip to Uluru and the Olgas with a base point that embodies the true spirit of leisure, exploration, and accommodation. Get in touch with Erldunda Roadhouse today to find out how we can assist you.

Let’s make your experience unforgettable.



Local Area

Erldunda is uniquely located in ‘The Centre of The Centre’. Meaning while you are staying with us you are in the Centre of Australia! We have many tourist destinations to visit in the surrounding area with the two most iconic being Uluru and the Olgas.


If you are looking to plan your Uluru trip you are best to take a look at our Erldunda Experience page as this outlines how to make us the base of your Uluru camping and trip. By doing so you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the experience, without the extravagant costs that usually accompanies an Uluru visit.


We also have some fantastic experiences on site such as our Emu Enclosure! Should you have any questions please just fill out the form below.